Bad Romance Swingers Club is relocating!

Bad Romance Swingers Club is relocating and opening from the spring of 2020. Until then we organize parties in different carefully selected locations, announced under the heading of "Parties".


Bad Romance Swingers Club


We're moving!

Mon - Sun, 14:00 - 05:00

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Who are we?

 Bad Romance Swingers Club is located in the Bucharest, in an easily accesible area from city center. The interwar villa which hosts the club has 10 rooms (2 levels and a semi-basement) and 4 bathrooms. It's designed in a classic style and it has an intimate atmosphere. 

The acces in the club is based on a reservation by phone or email. We love common sense and we think there is a discipline in all kinds of adventures, this discipline being the queen of luck.